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Electromagnet manufacturer: design of several factors to consider

Electromagnet manufacturer is current magnetic (electric magnetic) of an application, and closely linked to life, such as electromagnetic relays, electromagnetic crane, maglev trains and so on. Electromagnet manufacturers can be divided into two type dc and ac electromagnet magnet manufacturers. And under the conditions of electricity, by applying a direct current generated by the magnetic force, contrary to the intrinsic magnetic polarity of the built-in permanent magnet, and suction offset each other make the electromagnet manufacturers do not produce holding force. When applying the direct current generated by the magnetic force with built-in permanent magnet magnetic polarity at the same time, the losing electricity conditions are gained greater holding force. Manufacturer of electromagnet design priority issue is manufacturer of magnet pole column, because, a column not only decided to use the space of the magnetic field, also decided to the size of the magnetic field, the user is in use there is a little misunderstanding, think you want to the space is not large, is the magnetic field is a little higher, can put the magnet manufacturer column size, narrow electromagnet factory space, it's not like that, very small column, magnetic flux is small, the magnetic flux density is small, the magnetic field couldn't get on. Electromagnetic design of several factors to consider


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