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Electromagnet suction formula of manufacturer

Actually used in the adjustable damping shock absorber ADS on the valve manufacturers sucker electromagnet parameters, choose 35 w270 cold-rolled steel armature and core, coil is made by copper wire winding and become, number of turns to 1000 turns, sucker electromagnet manufacturer shape structure, R = 0.75 cm, R2 = 1.77 cm, resistance of 20 Ω magnet manufacturer, the thickness of the armature is 5 mm. Besides distance armature displacement parameters of electromagnet manufacturer, the actual measurement of related parameters of the magnet manufacturer in type (8), can get a sucker electromagnet suction and armature distance electromagnet manufacturers the relation between the displacement.
Electromagnet manufacturer is a kind of electricity in the future, to the onset of ferromagnetic material suction electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy of actuator. It has a very wide range of use of planning, many automatic control components (such as relay, contactor, transformer, etc.) and automatic control, remote control of all kinds of electromagnetic valve, are manufacturer of electromagnet as the forerunner drive. In general engineering field magnet manufacturers have also been used, such as lifting crane brake electromagnet manufacturer, power transmission of the electromagnetic clutch, as electric hammer of machine tools, general in machine tool fixture electric magnetic card just 12.

Electromagnet manufacturers used in car adjustable damping shock absorber damping control valves (hereinafter referred to as the ADS valve), the use of electromagnet suction manufacturer to control the ADS in the valve solenoid valve open and close, and then complete the adjustable damping shock absorber ADS oil changes in the valve, and then complete the adjustable damping shock absorber damping changes.


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