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What are the characteristics of electromagnetic valve manufacturer

Electromagnet manufacturer also rendered electromagnet, actually is a kind of dc electromagnet, the operational principle and structure, the circular tube type electromagnet are the same, only different is that its internal with permanent magnets, and then lead to pull rod is at the end of trip will also be able to stay there and adhere to adhere to the force, through the transformation of different reverse voltage to control the running direction.
Its operation principle and all other is almost linear motion of the electromagnet. When energized coil motivated, because the effect of electromagnetic field, the slider will move iron core, will eventually stop at the end of the bearing. And when the power is cut off, it still can rely on the slider of the permanent magnetic field magnetic hold on, and then keep in the original place, suppose you want to let the slider back, so you must exert a reverse voltage or current. There are two-way and one-way keep on keeping on


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