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Structure and operation principle of electromagnet manufacturer

Discussion of the car shock absorber ADS electromagnet for valve is a cylindrical sucker electromagnet. Electromagnet manufacturers within the structure is mainly composed of cylindrical iron core, outer ring and the end cover of three parts, the cylindrical core and outer ring form coil placed between the copper wire. Electromagnet manufacturer center has a threaded hole in axial fixed magnet manufacturer, there are two small cylinder with external cooperation with radial fixed magnet manufacturers. The structure manufacturers electromagnet coil zhongtong into direct current, magnetic field around the coil, iron core is placed within the magnetic field can be magnetized.

According to the manufacturer of electromagnet suction test equipment structure and computer testing system of two parts, is obtained by foreign procurement and factory processing manufacturer of electromagnet suction test test equipment as shown in figure 5. With the aid of the above equipment can test the mechanical properties of the magnet manufacturer research. Electromagnet manufacturer of load characteristic is refers to the armature homework useful in tour area, change the armature from the displacement of the electromagnet manufacturer can get different manufacturers electromagnet suction, obtains the electromagnet suction characteristic of manufacturers, namely load characteristic. Fixed sleeve confirmed that electric magnet electromagnet manufacturers throughout the entire load machinery equipment location.


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