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Electromagnet manufacturer of power analysis

Electromagnet manufacturer of power analysis and the matters needing attention
In general, the electromagnet of magnetic field and current intrusive, the line number of loops and center of ferromagnet. When planning electromagnet, will pay attention to the spread of coil and ferromagnetic selection, and current tests are used to control the magnetic field. As a result of the coil material with resistance, which limits the electromagnet field tests can happen, but with the discovery and application of superconductor, will have the opportunity to go beyond the limitations of existing.
A, we usually use of electromagnet, don't know how to choose when choosing electromagnet, customers in the use of large energy and long stroke electromagnet when selecting pipe and structure of the electromagnet, let's build meaning generally choose electromagnet, solenoid device is convenient, and magnetic full cooperation with the best, stronger than electromagnet structure. Below we will analyze to choose electromagnet requirements: 1. 2. The operation voltage product schedule 3. Product use cycle, we often say how long the electricity, power long before 4. Product strength
Second, on the basis of the above requirements, we can choose the product volume range, such as our request schedule 30 mm, electricity for a long time, so the product length is necessary to do more than 65 mm.
If a few kilograms force strength requirement, so, the product diameter is relatively large, the power and strength is proportional to the, the greater the power, the greater the effort, but want to consider the calorific value of products, high-power products matching the mass product, so product heating to normal, the same power, corresponding to different product size, the strength of intrusive, are not the same, and even the small volume products simple fever burn, damage and other problems.
Three, such as the right product, operating voltage is DC24V, stroke 50 mm, to 2 kg, 10% of the electricity, power 95 w, product 25 mm outside diameter, length is 100 mm, the limits of these requirements in product requirements,
If demand increase again, can only change the product size, in the case of TongDianLv joint, let's change the volume, power and corresponding to add, so strength also increase, so let's when choosing electromagnet, as far as possible choose is greater than the minimum requirements of the product, this will not happen in the process of using a lot of risk, and product use life is long.
In simple terms, stroke and strength, it is depends on the power of the product and the corresponding volume, the same power, the volume is not the same, the strength is different also, and even small
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