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The importance of the electromagnet

Now in industry, the orientation of the electromagnet is very important, it is a base of electrical appliances, electronic to perform components or automation components, is also known as the "king of the electrical appliances". Electromagnet for the development and competition intensifies, allows users not only require higher quality of electromagnet, produce efficiency also have higher requirements, together with the higher requirements, and also put forward higher requirements for production efficiency. Now the electromagnet enterprises to improve the quality of the electromagnet and produce efficiency, better enrich our product varieties, improve the work of product awareness, to better promote the electromagnet work in our country, often organize some activities related classes. Primary consists of lifting electromagnet, traction electromagnet, electromagnet brake electromagnet, frame type electromagnet, push-pull type electromagnet, tubular type electromagnet, adhere to the electromagnet, rotary electromagnet, sucker electromagnet, two-way corner electromagnet, dc wet-type electromagnet for valve, embroidered electrical magnet, ac wet electromagnet for valve, magnetic steel Angle of electromagnet, rotating magnet electromagnet, permanent magnetic chuck, cars, tapping type solenoid valve type electromagnet, electromagnetic system, automatic electrical, electromagnetic vibrator, together also includes some of the electromagnet used soft iron, silicon steel sheet, coat, iron, iron core, coil, rectifier control equipment and electromagnet produce equipment.
Other, three the electromagnet used magnetic electronic tell you now is also very wide, often used in aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, mining, coal, electric tools, lifting transport, communications, household appliances, locks, electrical machinery, textile, game consoles, etc., almost all work is hit, the role of electromagnet.


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