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Application of careful when incident magnet manufacturer

Manufacturer of magnet pole core section style and diffuse yan environmental credentials of the differences between workpiece and difference. See more of the layout of the magnetic chuck type such as rectangular and circular, rectangular magnetic pole is divided into vertical and horizontal respectively two kinds of environment. The vertical rectangular poles respectively, suitable for constant large machining; The transverse rectangle poles respectively, suitable for constant machining small workpieces. Circular chuck is suitable for the same type ring artifacts or style is multifarious artifacts. Popular magnetic chuck's important characteristic is: the lines of magnetic force uniformly distributed in the disk, the electromagnetic suction appearance not dense, unit area on the magnetic force is relatively small; And perpendicular to magnetic force influence towards sucker appearance, difficult to change, the unity and the size of the workpiece can only happen a magnetic force; Magnetic force against artifacts GanHuaDian the workpiece is connected to the suction cups on war, can't literally change. There is, when processing the location accuracy is not high, the clamping force is not big, application limitation narrower, generated to lower the bad.


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