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The use of electromagnet in life

1. Electromagnetic crane: electromagnet in practice to use a lot of, is the most direct use of electromagnetic crane. The electromagnet is installed on the crane, after electrify suck up a lot of iron and steel, block current after moving to another location, drop steel. Large electromagnetic crane to lift a few tons of steel.
2. Bell: closed circuit, electromagnet attract elasticity, make the hammer to iron bell, the hammer impact iron bell sound, electromagnet without magnetic circuit disconnect, hammer back again, closed circuit. So keep repeating, persistent ringing bell. The brief brief understanding is the bell is the use of electromagnet. Electric bell attract hammer, back to power, and electricity to knock the bell. Make and break time is very short, so I have been ringing sound.
3. Electromagnetic separator: electromagnetic separator is made according to the principle of magnet for iron ore is called gravity. When electromagnetic separator homework, iron ore B will fall into the box. Ore in the process of fall, after the electromagnet, the iron ore can not be electromagnet attract, due to the effect of gravity directly into A box; And iron ore can be electromagnet attract, adsorption and roller in the roller rolling together, the B box above the electromagnet for gravity in the ore is very small, so the ore into B due to the effect of gravity.


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