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Analysis of Optimal Geometry Relationship of Electromagnet

The basic geometric parameters that determine the size and working capacity of the electromagnet are the core diameter of the electromagnet, the coil height and outer diameter, and the working air gap. These dimensions determine suction, coil heating and inductance on the Chinese version. Take these dimensions as the main. In addition, the index of the electromagnet is also related to the diameter and height of the shell size cap of the Clapper electromagnet, the form and height of the extruder and core of the inhaled electromagnet, and the scale relationship and form of the core column of the AC baldness magnetic system.
Since 1914, he has been studying the optimization problem of the geometrical relationship of the electromagnet[ Literature 4] And ... In recent years, a lot of research work has been carried out in the optimization design of electromagnet[ Literature 5-27, 68] And ...
Research on this aspect can be divided into three categories:
The first type is to discuss the relationship between the magnetic, electrical, and thermal properties of the electromagnet. Under this relationship, the optimal criterion of the system reaches a maximum value.
The second type is to discuss that geometric relations are optimal under certain conditions. It also contains magnetic induction strength, electromagnet heating and economic indicators of the working gas yard that determines the shape of the suction characteristics. The above research work is to discuss static work conditions.
The second is to discuss the influence of certain sizes and structural parameters of electromagnet on its dynamic properties.
In the first and second types of research, the suction and proposed work of the electromagnet are its basic wood characteristics like mechanical devices.


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