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The use of electromagnet which matters need attention

The electromagnet in the condition of electricity can produce strong adsorption capacity, it is installed in the automation equipment for adsorption objects have stop or move action. Widely used in distribution automation production line, sorting machine, manipulator, test equipment, medical equipment, milling, cutting and other automated processing production line conveyor, transmission and control materials or products, save electricity saving, safe and reliable, and remote operation can be performed.
Along with the development of the electronics industry, needs some new electromagnet ferrite material unceasingly, at present many technical department research and development around the world have magnet ferrite of new products, especially in high frequency domain, while the newly developed amorphous and nanocrystalline magnets caused people attach great importance, but in high frequency applications and cost-effective, still cannot be compared with the electromagnet ferrite, predictably, in the future a long time, electromagnet ferrite materials in the application in the field of high frequency, will remain in a dominant position


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