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Electromagnet factory inform you how to maintain

Along with the development of electronic products, the use of the electromagnet is also becoming more widespread, industry, there are many devices are now used to the electromagnet, so when we use, how to properly maintain electromagnet? Electromagnet manufacturer notice how do you maintain electromagnet, extend the life of the electromagnet.
1, see the face in presence of dust absorption and adsorption.
2, the surface if there is dust will cause the noise. Even a small solid will happen very big noise.
3, smoking a face, if there is any oil, water and other things stick together, can lead to bad moving iron core is reset.
4, in use, if there is noise or reset the bad condition must look at the surface absorption.
5, want to often see if magnet heating phenomenon, and whether the screw is loose.
6, want to often see the moving part of the electromagnet for mechanical wear and tear, will be found that the wear over the extent to which must then need to be replaced, to avoid affecting the electromagnet's homework


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