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About the definition, classification and magnet manufacturer

Manufacturer of electromagnet is used to control the two phase flow intelligent basic components, should belong to electric implementing agencies; Is not necessarily just for the night, oil dispatcher. Electromagnet bearing manufacturer to control the hydraulic walk, factory building machine commandment is normally made by hydraulic steel rein, is will take magnet manufacturers.
Things: electromagnet closed factory in phase space of the cavity, open a hole in the difference of sample parts, each hole leads to the difference of tubing, inside the cavity is a valve, double-sided is two pieces of electromagnetic coil, which the magnet coil to connect power circuit board will be moved to where proof control oil circuit board unicom to blocked or exposure difference kind of drainage hole, and into the oil inlet is always open, gear oil tubing will into the crowds are another row, then proof oil pressure to generous oil just to live, to live and the hydraulic cylinder, piston rod drives the machine Settings. This by controlling the electric current of the electromagnet is to control the machine movement.


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