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To introduce the basic knowledge of electromagnet

Is a basic knowledge of the electromagnet electromagnets with core electric solenoid, solenoid magnetic intrusive and electric current is associated with the number of turns of solenoid. Magnet operation principle: the operation principle of electromagnet is the selection principle of electromagnetic induction, the first use of biot - sand tile rules in magnetic field planning, accounting with the kirchhoff's rules.
Electromagnet is characterized by: the magnet and the magnetic, can be control by on-off current, magnetic intrusive can change the range of the electric current to control, the direction of the pole has a current choices. Electromagnet used planning all kinds of small precision electromagnet and electromagnet used components, as the active control system of the performance of the device, is widely used in industrial active control, work actively, medical equipment and other fields. Such as equipment, impression device, equipment, packaging machinery, medical equipment, food machinery, textile machinery, active sorting machine, active teller machines, vending machine, punch card, electromagnetic locks, all kinds of remote control devices, brake device, counting, entrance guard system, etc.


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