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The principle and main characteristics of electromagnet

The principle and main characteristics of electromagnet
Electromagnet is a fundamental attribute of the material, any material or strong or weak magnet, there is no space or high or low magnetic field. Usually called the electromagnet strong material electromagnet information, it is mainly composed of transition group elements of the elements such as iron, drill, nickel and its alloy, and can directly or indirectly electromagnet in the field of modern science and technology, especially in the field of electrical and electronic technology, electromagnet data has been widely used, has become the foundation of the national economy. Now, the electromagnet data can be applied in communication, information, home appliances, instruments and meters, electronic power, automatic control, Marine, space, biology, new energy, military, scientific research and other fields.
From the raw material and structural point of view, the electromagnet data is divided into metal and alloy electromagnet and ferrite magnet material two kinds big, ferrite magnet material is divided into polycrystalline structure data and single crystal structure.


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