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A brief introduction characteristic of lifting electromagnet manufacturer

Lifting electromagnet manufacturer is let's see more in the survival of the circular magnet manufacturer, the limitations of it application contrast broad, covering coal, metal mine, ships, ports, transportation industry, the application should pay attention to in application of the peace, a brief introduction about the lifting electromagnet factory today for the friends of characteristics and on the chosen time refer to the incident. Manufacturer of lifting electromagnet acceptance is particularly magnetic circuit plan, admitted is aluminium wire coil, coil guard board acceptance is wear-resisting function is good, fight against talented strong steel plate, can perhaps lifting heavy items, long application life. Insulation layout is reasonable, the disciplinary acceptance is vacuum drying, vacuum pot, progress of the electrical wire coil and machine function, layout of a brief, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of lifting equipment. Lifting electromagnet manufacturer in a selected time necessary credential application situation at selected, if adsorption material not across 100 degrees, application, normal temperature type lifting electromagnet manufacturers were held if is 100 degrees are necessary to the selected type high temperature, if the adsorption material is necessary in the selected dive in the water.


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