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Manufacturer of electromagnet suction changes

In the days when we growing, electromagnetic transformation and principle of choosing solenoid structure, planning and manufacturing of a straight moving reciprocating electromagnet. Landa electromagnet by planning and material together, make sure that the manufacturer of this series of electromagnet operation soft, smooth, sensitive and reliable.
Electromagnet is more and more widely, the application scope of electromagnet manufacturer is applied more and more. The electromagnet suction in the process of absorption and manufacturer is how to change? Let's introduce.
Electromagnet coil action for constant of manufacturer, on the basis of the operating voltage, the coil current is constant, in the process of absorption and changes along with the changes of the air gap. Therefore, promised to operating rate is too high, before it is sucking in air gap is bigger, magnetic circuit of the magnetic resistance is bigger also, flux is small, so the suction is smaller. After absorption, the air gap is very small, magnetic resistance are also small, magnetic flux, the largest electromagnetic suction. Electromagnet manufacturers have two kinds of foundation types, suction and launch, in order to use according to different choice. Widely used in all kinds of automation machinery, instruments and meters, medicine, light industry, office automation and other professional.


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