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Accurate maintenance method of electromagnet and pace

Along with the contemporary science and technology advance. Electromagnet limited more and more widely used, but time is long, it will find a few small hamper electromagnet.
1, start with low pressure test pen change switch of the electromagnet, check whether there is a break or have bad war place phase, such as real-time connected, found out the line end of the electromagnet shall be bad place should be the new war by the tight connection of the discussion.
2, with a low pressure test pen lathe spiral insurance under the pile tip of electromagnet, if checking is line safety fuse, persisted in insurance is not in the control circuit of two phase 380 v power supply, fuse when necessary to change the insurance.
3, opened the electromagnet of war arcing cover, the need to disconnect switch, disconnect the power of the environment, the salary of the war closed, find out which one is to get an electric shock clear not war, should change the dynamic and static contact.
4, in the broken machine power supply environment, check the main power cord from the electromagnet thought of pile head to access to the war, the electric wiring rack, find out what the root was burn out and the new plug in the power supply.
5, opened the electromagnet checking lead wire terminal which is a burn out, find out new wire should be used after welding, wiring.
No matter from the product quality of electromagnet remains the same from scientific and technological level, electromagnet manufacturers make the extent of the electromagnet is always below the electromagnet group production level in China. If we purchase these differences of electromagnet, will be pervasive influence of the generation of the machine to us. To is my electromagnet generated manufacturer to report your screen a little electromagnet facilities.
Beginning, we should see electromagnet first outer packing. Each electromagnet city on production objects printed with the brand, label, etc. Is minimum font, but on track had adopted the steel seal generated by the electromagnet crafts lettering, and without the hot disposition is held before words, based on the font is small, concave deeper, though, the most clear. Counterfeit product and environment, the font rather than ambiguous, because of printing craft is coarse, font on appearance, some even afford to use hand wipe hand seems nervous about. Second we should pay attention to the quality of the product, to deal with the product of material we can probably please electromagnet plant professionals for our introduction, with is we need professionals lead we procurement, because of the electromagnet is the kind of difference, the quality of the product is also difference.


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