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Electromagnet is used widely

Electromagnet can be seen everywhere in the days of our field, so the following several kinds of electromagnet used products, how many have you worked on? Learn together! Iron has a very wide range of applications, many automation appliances (such as relay, contactor, get apparatus, electric Lou valve) is in the electromagnetic mechanism as the main body, in general 1 process technology, such as electric blemish on the lifting electromagnet, lifting crane crane brake electromagnet, the magnetic chuck on the machine tool, etc., are all electric iron application instances of its body, it is in the field of industrial automation control has played a very important role, to say the electromagnet performance is good or bad will directly affect the whole work of the automation system. Is a kind of electrified electromagnet electromagnetic suction of ferromagnetic material, attracting armature mechanical movement, thus the electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy of a kind of electrical appliances. So the characterization of electromagnet performance is good or bad the main characteristics of the electromagnetic tie li features. However, the electromagnetic characteristics of tie li test technology in China are very los, some enterprises in technology in this field is made, most of the electromagnet manufacturers are mainly based on the experience of the people to judge of electromagnet performance, cannot provide detailed performance characteristic, therefore, the author in view of the present electromagnets are widely used and backward status quo electromagnet performance test technology. Research a kind of ability of electromagnet are electromagnet performance testing system for automatic test.


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