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The variety of electromagnet process what are classified

Electromagnet inside the metal shell, iron core, moving iron core, nuts, copper washers, copper pipe, stop and other metal parts, metal parts after processing and molding is necessary through especially the appearance of disciplinary talent guaranteeing product wear-resisting, anti-corrosive and promotion product life and function, elucidates the electromagnet accessories under appearance, dispose of the varieties and processing technology.
1, electromagnet shell, acceptance of the material is generally (SPCC) manufacture, the material function of permeability is good, the production line and processing line low, wide application market, big who accept electroplating process galvanized, electrophoresis and hard chromium plating. Credentials customer different needs, galvanized big blue zinc, environmental protection, affordable. Electrophoresis beautiful in appearance, aggressive, in line. No hot, bright chrome plated appearance, but good erosion resistance, anti abrasion function of the product is good! Price is on the high side.


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