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The importance of electromagnet in industrial use

The importance of electromagnet in industrial use
Both belong to the push-pull solenoid electromagnet in function. Coil after electrify, moving iron core axial linear motion, a push, pull the function of the external load equipment.
Because of high permeability and magnetic circuit structure with a cone with information, so products despite the small volume, light weight, but compared with the conventional small electromagnet, their trip and attraction is bigger, because of its high space utilization, winding coil part is open, the cooling effect is good.

One, the electromagnet is important position in the industry, is a kind of basic electronics, known as "the king of electrical appliances. Development of magnets and iron removal equipment market and competition aggravating, the user not only to the electromagnet and the quality of the iron removal equipment have higher requirements, and also put forward higher requirements for production efficiency. Electromagnet to progress with quality and production efficiency of iron equipment, rich varieties of products in our country, promote professional product awareness, promote Chinese electromagnet and iron removal equipment professional conduct, promote domestic and foreign electromagnet and skill study and use of iron equipment, arrange some activities.

Electromagnet include lifting electromagnet, brake electromagnet, traction electromagnet, push-pull type electromagnet, solenoid, tubular type electromagnet, rotary type electromagnet, adhere to the electromagnet, two-way corner electromagnet, chuck type electromagnet, direct wet-type electromagnet for valve and wet-type electromagnet for valve, embroidered electrical magnet, permanent magnetic chuck, magnetic steel corner electromagnet, solenoid, rotating tapping type electromagnet, electromagnetic valve, the valve type electromagnet electromagnetic system, active electrical, electromagnetic vibrator, as well as the electromagnet used soft iron, silicon steel sheet, iron, coat, iron core, coil, rectifier control equipment and electromagnet produce equipment. Electromagnetic iron remover, permanent magnetic iron remover, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic screen and other iron removal equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc.
Three, electromagnet first used in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, coal, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, power tools, transportation, lifting transport, household appliances, motor, door lock, textile, game consoles, medical devices, fitness device, office equipment, vending machine, intelligent toys, building materials, chemical, plastic, glass, ceramics, cement, papermaking, food, feed, water treatment and other professional production business, operators, professional buyers, overseas traders, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and other related professional.
Magnetic ferrite production way: oxide method is also called the ceramic technology method, is by the introduction to the ceramic production process, is to use the earliest, the most sophisticated way to make soft magnetic ferrite. Because of its material sources, the craft is simple, less equipment investment, output and low intermediate products, or parts of advanced products, therefore, more than 95% of the polycrystalline soft magnetic ferrite materials are made with the method produces, commonly used to make soft magnetic ferrite process flow is as follows: the ingredients - (flush Wei Zheng burn a coarse, jia} be a destruction to sanding, spray drying granulation to forming and sintering, grinding and zaozhuang detection magnetic material factory was founded in 1987 ~ 1991 the introduction of the domestic first secondary spray granulation produces ferrite production line, annual output capacity of 750 t, the first process is: ingredients to a pulp, a spray granulation to presintering, secondary pulping to secondary spray granulation to molding, sintering, grinding and detection, the process control.


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