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Principles and types of electromagnets

Principles and types of electromagnets

Basic working principles of electromagnets:

When the coil is energized, the core and armature are magnetized and become two magnets with opposite polarity.When the suction is greater than the spring's reaction force, the armature begins to move towards the core.When the current in the coil is less than a certain value or the power supply is interrupted, the electromagnetic force is less than the spring's reaction force, and the armature will return to the original release position under the action of the reaction force.Electromagnet is a kind of electric appliance that USES the electromagnetic suction generated by the coil of the current-carrying iron core to control the mechanical device to complete the expected action.It is an electromagnetic element that converts electric energy into mechanical energy.The electromagnet consists of coil, core and armature. The core and armature are usually made of soft magnetic materials.The core is usually stationary, and the coil is always mounted on the core.


Depending on the power source used, there are three types of electromagnets:

And we're going to use alpha and beta.The applied voltage of ac electromagnet for valve is generally 220V, and the configuration of electric circuit is simple.Ac electromagnet has large starting power and short commutation time.However, the reverse shock is large and the temperature rises high when working (heat dissipation bars are arranged in the shell).When the valve core is stuck, the electromagnet will burn out easily due to excessive current and poor reliability, so the switching frequency must not exceed 30 times/min, and the service life is short.

Bamboo dc electromagnet.Dc electromagnets generally use 24V dc voltage, so special dc power supply is needed.Its advantage is not burn out by core stuck (its cylindrical shell without radiating rib), small volume, reliable work, allow the switching frequency is 120 times/min, the reversing impact is small, long service life.But the starting force is smaller than an ac electromagnet.

Torque integral type electromagnet.This integral type refers to the ac unit rectifier type.This kind of electromagnet itself has a half-wave rectifier, which can have the structure and characteristics of dc electromagnet while using ac power directly.


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