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Electromagnet manufacturers give you relief the role of the electromagnet

The usefulness of electromagnet manufacturer to report your electromagnet:
1. Used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, lifting transportation industry such as steel permeability properties of material.
2. Used for electromagnetic manipulator, permeability properties, such as the clamping steel.
Electromagnet manufacturer to report your electromagnet important features:
1, adopt full sealed layout, moistureproof function well.
2, the dispute machine optimization plan, rational layout, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption, safe and reliable, resettlement, protect the light. Suitable for all kinds of hoisting construction.
3, excitation coil of points disposal technology, progress of electrical and mechanical function, wire coil insulation material heat-resisting arrive grade C level, long application life.
4, usually adopt the voltage control style, also can adopt strong excitation control style (DC/DC - 290 - v - 220 - v) and constant current power supply style. Can you improve lifting capacity and power diligently, advances economic benefits.
5, ultra high temperature type electromagnet weird insulation style, adopted the sucked material progress had a temperature of 600 ℃ to 700 ℃, expanded electromagnet for limitations. Foundation type master sample proportional electromagnetic valve is divided into force; Journey to master; Status of the residents.
Once our electromagnet nonmagnetic, it was completely lost its disseminated, so what reason leads to the lack of our magnet magnetic. When we electromagnet excavations nonmagnetic, how can we eliminate damage source in a short time, just by our electromagnet professional manufacturers below small make up to you about.
When we press the magnet wheel motor button, at this time of the switch of the electromagnet is activated, if you find our stay disposal artifacts do not get sucked in. Synopsis is our relay contacts have been blocked, nor enough flat in the grinding wheel motor starting at this moment.
This time we don't try so hard, don't rash to check, to pay attention to safety, first we have to try electroprobe voltage. Then we will check whether we swap contactor electromagnet is jammed, we need to check the contactor coil are in good condition. After the above questions are ruled out.


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