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Manufacturer of electromagnet structure and operation should pay attention to matters

Brief said magnet manufacturer (Electromagnet manufacturer) is used to switch the fluid pathway may have fluid components, the basis of the reversing solenoid manufacturer through precision machining, and chose different body valve core material, to satisfy the different medium flow. Electromagnet switch functions of manufacturer of fluid pathway is through the progress of its internal electromagnetic moving iron core is probably the end of the fall, and core movement is by the battery power electricity may to the end of the coil.
Electromagnet factory equipment of cent to pay more attention to should pay attention to the body when the arrow should be with medium flow direction. Do not pack in a drop of water directly or local water splashing. Electromagnet manufacturer should be vertical device; Magnetic valve shall ensure that the power supply voltage for normal operation in the 15% 10% of rated voltage; Electromagnet after factory equipment, pipeline can not have reverse pressure difference. Several times and electricity, and make it warm rear can put into use; Electromagnet factory equipment should be thoroughly clean the pipe before. Access into the medium should be without impurities. Before the valve filter; When the electromagnet manufacturers attacks failure or cleaning, in order to ensure the system work, should be equipment bypass.
Use time to pay more attention to check components electromagnet electromagnets manufacturers, for damage in transit, and equipment use. When using, please strictly observe the skill, such as voltage, frequency, work pressure, with temperature; When the machine debugging, suggest to use manual equipment debugging, and then electricity debugging. Please pay attention to dust, it is suggested that exhaust equipment muffler or throttle valve. Before the valve should be filter equipment, pipe fittings, and pay attention to eliminate the metal particles inside the pipe, dust, oil, etc. When use, according to the level of the piping construction equipment, avoid by all means is vertical and inversion of equipment.


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