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Electromagnet factory is made up of what data

 Electromagnet manufacturer to explain: magnetic chuck is a kind of electromagnetic induction, by making the internal coil electric magnetic force, through the permeability panel, will contact tightly to absorb on the surface of the workpiece in the panel, power through the coil, magnetic disappear complete demagnetization, remove the principle of workpiece and the production of a machine tool accessory products.
Primary use for: grinding machine, FYMC series electromagnetic grinding machine, gantry milling machine, planer to iron artifacts such as processing when the workpiece is fixed. In the steel mixed with far more than ordinary steel in silicon, such as silicon-based about 1-4% or higher silicon content. Core in the electrical work in by continual magnetization and demagnetization process, this time consumes energy, the energy and is called the hysteresis loop is proportional to the area. Silicon steel is to make the area of hysteresis loop as small as possible, so that to reduce the energy loss. And, as in the magnetic field of constant changes of iron core, core inevitably by induced current (eddy current, referred to as "vortexing"). So if use the piece of iron core, then the occurrence of induced current form a closed loop, will loss a lot of electricity.


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