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Optimized design of electromagnet

First of all, it must be clear what kind of electromagnet structure is considered optimal. At the time of setting, the usually given technical conditions are: coil voltage U, old temperature Ooxp, working system. It is also necessary to give the suction F under the I. fixed working air yard, or to give the suction, that is, from the initial air gap 8. Some suction values within the range of change to terminal air gap 8. Based on the raw data described above, electromagnets can be designed with a variety of technologies and indicators(heavy view, volume, energy loss, cost, etc.). Obviously, there is an optimal solution in these schemes, which can guarantee both the given electromagnetic suction(or given suction characteristics) and the given optimal criteria.
The typical optimal criteria for designing electromagnets are:
Minimum volume, the total volume of coil and magnet material can be used as a extremum indicator, IE V, = Vnsu + Ver(1)
Minimum weight, coil weight equal to its volume Van multiplied by the filling coefficient of the coil go. ne and the weight of the wire material ympm nhu = ks.nsm "VonxP 'op
The weight of the conductor is the most equal to its volume Vor to the material's ratio Pr and laminate coefficient k.x(for laminated magnets) 1mev = Ks.c "Vor<UNK> YeT
The total weight of the conductor material is four "Dunha + Mer(2) minimum consumption of the wire material of the coil.
The prevolume of the material V equal hand line consumed by the wire of the coil is multiplied by its filling coefficient Ks.mal


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