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About our company to participate in the development activity silhouette and inspiration

Recently, in order to improve the team cohesion and centripetal force, our company carried out a team expansion activity in order to make our company into an excellent team to the maximum extent.

Now the market competition is more and more intense, the team as an advanced organizational form, more and more attention from the enterprise.The increasing number of previously knowledge-based employees and the more specialized division of labor make the way of relying on excellent individuals to achieve good performance no longer suitable for the speed of change in the 21st century.Many companies have built teams from the management level of ideas, methods and so on.Therefore, in order to make employees realize the importance of team strength and cultivate their sense of belonging, our company held a one-day expansion training on Saturday.

After a day of extended training, we gained a lot:

1. Improved the friendship between students and exercised their teamwork ability.

2. Cultivate overall awareness and team spirit under the concept of team.

3. Train the team's initiative communication awareness, improve communication and information communication within the organization, cultivate mutual trust and mutual help awareness, and enhance team work efficiency.

Develop faith in the courage to challenge under pressure and in the face of difficulties.

5. Cultivate the working attitude of mutual concern and support, and enhance team cohesion.

The following is a partial activity silhouette, which fully honed the team cohesion and drew a satisfactory conclusion for this expansion training.


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