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What is the corporate culture of landa?

Based on the good response of the first symposium, our company held the second symposium on October 26th.

From "how to make landa better" to "what is landa's corporate culture", we are gradually moving towards our desired goals.

We hope that each employee can treat the enterprise as a big family, care and encourage each other, help colleagues while doing their own work, give play to traditional culture and values, and increase happiness.The vision for landa: to create a harmonious working atmosphere, to make landa a family, to make the corporate culture an intangible asset, to give landa more decade.

By listening to employees' understanding of corporate culture, we conclude the following eight points:

Show your best, do your best, take the company as the foundation, and carry forward the spirit of the hero.

2. Strengthen communication with colleagues, understand each other, manage their emotions and don't bring them into work. Don't complain about trivial things at work, learn to be grateful.

3. Corporate culture should be innovative, independent and united, the environment is the subject of corporate culture, and corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise.

4. Improve the quality of personnel, improve the health on the post, create a good working environment, establish a punishment system, and keep improving.

Think from the other side's point of view, don't pretend to know what you don't know, ask questions, and learn to accept your shortcomings modestly to correct them.

6. Errors in work should be taken seriously and corrected in time. Colleagues should supervise each other, point out each other's shortcomings tactfully, improve and grow together.

7. The superior and subordinate should have clear division of labor, and the leader should have absolute management power to make subordinates obey themselves and do things according to the meaning of the leader. If problems occur, the leader should be investigated and the relationship of layer by layer should be clear.

8. Coordinate the relationship between departments, and learn to digest and work happily even if there is a dispute.

Finally, the enterprise culture of landa was preliminarily defined as:

Perseverance can engrave

Execution: no execution, no competitiveness

Attitude: attitude is the key to all actions

Responsibility: you have to be responsible to take on heavy responsibilities

Innovation: the era without the spirit of innovation will eventually be abandoned

Struggle: three days, seven points by struggle

Gratitude: a trip to be grateful

I hope everyone of landa can be twisted into a rope and work towards the direction of corporate culture to drive the development of the company and let more people see the glamour of landa.


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