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Select landa electromagnet for attention

Select landa electromagnet for attention

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Dear customer, thank you very much for visiting our website. I hope the electromagnets listed on the website can meet your needs.When selecting our products, you need to pay attention to several matters:

I. electromagnets are non-standard products, which are customized according to the actual needs of customers. In general, there will not be too much inventory.

The power of electromagnet is determined by the power of electromagnet. As long as the power remains unchanged, the working voltage of electromagnet can be set anywhere from 3 to 60VDC in general.

3. In the electromagnet products displayed on the website, the lead specifications and installation methods can be changed (only for batch production).

Solenoid, electromagnet, sucker magnet, frame electromagnet and round tube electromagnet are all in zhongshan landa electromagnet co., LTD.We provide high quality products and services.

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